Hummingbird Hope

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A flash of color, a bright jewel in the summer sun, hummingbirds whisking by on the way to taste a bit of nectar.  These tiny little sparkles with swiftly flapping wings move so fast all the eye can catch are bits of emerald, ruby, sapphire as they stop for a second then fly off again.  But that little second or two is enough to capture our fascination.

Emily Hannemann for Birds and Blooms magazine says hummingbirds are sign of hope and good luck.  Maybe that is why we love these special little birds. Tammy Popple of On The Feeder says these tiny beauties are symbols of lightness and joy. Hope and good luck, lightness and joy, both descriptions make for great reasons Hummingbirds are so loved.

Hummingbirds are one of my favorite birds to paint.  I love it when I see the first one of the season show up at the feeder.  They are my sign that winter is over. The lightness, joy and hope of summer are on the way.

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